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Terms and Conditions

Refer2Earn Terms, Conditions & Rules


  • Refer2Earn is a lead referral programme. The Agent may not give any advice on the products but will purely refer the products as presented by the relevant Insurer.


  • The Agent agrees that Brite or their representative will be permitted to register the Agent for Income Tax with SARS if not yet registered or, if registered, request his/her Income Tax number from SARS if this was not completed during the initial registration.




  1. The Refer2Earn fee earning programme (“The programme”), is owned, operated and promoted by Brite White Mobile Label Solutions (Proprietary) Limited. (“Brite”) Reg no: 2007/012847/07
  2. This Refer2Earn programme remains the property of Brite White Mobile Label Solutions (Pty) Ltd, which reserves the right to decline the proposed participant and withdraw the programme at any time.
  3. The fees are not transferable and benefits accrue to the name of the registered participant only. Such participant will be referred to as a fee agent “Agent”.
  4. These terms and conditions and rules, may at the discretion of Brite be amended from time to time without notice.
  5. The language of these terms, conditions, rules and all future communications between Brite and the participant shall be in English.
  6. The latest version of these terms and conditions will be available on the Refer2Earn website; at www.Refer2Earn.co.za it is the duty of the participant to ensure that they are familiar with the terms.
  7. Should a person not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions by accepting them on the mobile application, that person will not be able to participate in this Refer2Earn fee earning programme.
  8. Nothing in these terms, conditions and rules shall be construed as creating a relationship of employment, partnership and principal between the Agent and Brite.
  9. Neither, Brite nor the Agent shall have any authority to incur any liability on behalf of the other or to pledge the credit of the other.
  10. This programme and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Brite, which has the right, without limitation, to unilaterally change, limit, modify or cancel the programme rules at any time and may, without limitation, change certain third party relationships and service providers (“Affiliate Partners”), conditions of participation, rules for earning, redeeming, retaining, or forfeiting of fees.
  11. Brite may without limitation and unilaterally terminate the programme at any time upon reasonable notice provided that no alteration, amendment or termination of the programme will affect any spot fees that have accrued at such time.
  12. All fees earned in the Common Monetary area, will accrue and be paid in South African Rands.
  13. The registration will be cancelled if an Agent does not transact within a 365 calendar day period and all fees will be forfeited and accrue to Brite.
  14. Brite shall be entitled to sell, cede, assign, delegate or in any other way alienate or dispose of any or all of its rights and obligations under the programme without the prior approval of the Agent.
  15. In the case of fraud or abuse involving the programme, including conduct involving the accumulation of fees, or any other aspect of the Programme, Brite has the right to take appropriate administrative and/or civil or and/or criminal action against the Agent concerned, and all fees accrued and unredeemed, through the programme will be forfeited or recovered and the Agent registration cancelled.
  16. Brite reserves the right to amend any charges which may become applicable to the Agent with no or minimal notice.
  17. Brite may without limitation and unilaterally terminate the Agent registration at any time upon reasonable notice provided that no alteration, amendment or termination of the Agent will affect any fees that have accrued at such time.
  18. Should the Agent however breach any of the terms, rules and conditions of the programme or any other of their Affiliate Partners, the registration will terminate and fees accumulated will be forfeited as per Clause 15.
  19. Brite will not be liable for any damages of any nature, suffered by the Agent or a third party if the registration is cancelled for whatever reason.
  20. Once an Agent’s registration has been cancelled they will not be entitled to re-join the programme.
  21. The Agent agrees that his personal information is kept within Brite and that this information is shared with third parties including Affiliate Partners for administration purposes.
  22. The Agent may at his discretion at any time cancel his participation in the programme by deleting/ uninstalling the application from his Smartphone.
  23. In the event of termination the onus is on the Agent to first redeem fees accrued. Once the Agent is terminated the unredeemed balance will be forfeited and accrue to Brite.
  24. No fees will be earned on referring a friend as an Agent.
  25. Once Brite is notified of the death of one of the Agents. The funds in "My account & money transfer" will be frozen. Fees due for the lead referral shall be payable to the deceased bank account or nominated beneficiary. There shall be no claim for loss of the amount paid into the Agents bank account for the leads referred by the Agent.
  26. Brite or its Affiliate Partners /Third Parties will not be responsible for incorrect information on any cash withdrawals /transfers or airtime/electricity redemptions, as once the transaction has been submitted it cannot be reversed, transferred or amended.
  27. These terms, conditions and rules constitute the entire understanding in place between Brite and the Agent, in respect of the programme. Neither Brite nor the Agent shall be bound by any undertakings, representations, warranties or promises not recorded in these terms, conditions and rules.
  28. Agents may not use the Refer2Earn trademark without the express written consent of Brite.
  29. The directors, members or employees of the Affiliate Partners third parties to this agreement, are not permitted to participate in the Refer2Earn programme, either as an Agent or by having a lead submitted on their behalf to the programme. Brite reserves the right to terminate such Agent with immediate effect. All the Agent accrued fees will be forfeited.
  30. Should a person whose lead has been referred via the Refer2Earn programme by an existing Refer2Earn Agent, register as an Agent in his own capacity they will be unable to refer any existing Refer2earn Agent as a lead.


The Refer2Earn fee earning programme:


  1. The Registration:
    1. A potential Refer2Earn participant can register by:
      1. SMS’ing the short code on the voucher to 41871
      2. Downloading the Refer2Earn mobile application from The Appstore or Play store.
    2. The proposed applicant is to ensure that the cellular telephone he is using is a smartphone. A smartphone is a cellular telephone with built in applications and internet access. They are also equipped with texting, email, web browsing still and video cameras. iOS and Android smartphones only.
    3. All data costs are for the account of the Agent.
    4. On receipt of the R2 premium rated sms, Brite will return a link which will enable the download.
    5. The applicant should complete all the information on the Registration screen.
    6. Only South African citizens or Residents over the age of 18 years of age in possession of a valid bar coded South African Identification document or South African Passport may participate.
      (A copy of such Identification document is to be uploaded via the Refer2Earn applictaion. The picture and identification number to be clearly visible)
    7. Once the applicant has been authenticated and identified, Brite may at its sole discretion, accept your application to become an agent. (“Agent”)
    8. The Agent is to supply and insert his SARS Income tax number if he is registered. If he/ she is not registered such registration will automatically be done by Brite.
    9. If the Agent is registered for Income Tax but fails to supply and insert such a number, Brite or its nominated representative reserves the right to request such number from SARS.


  2. Relationship and duties of Brite White to the Agent:
    1. The Agent is not considered an employee of Brite and is not entitled to any employee benefits including but not limited to UIF and leave entitlements.
    2. As the Agent is not an employee, no employment references or earning history will be given to any third parties.
    3. If the minimum tax paying threshold is exceeded as per South African Revenue Services tax tables. PAYE will be deducted from the Agent’s "My account & money transfer" account before any fees are paid out or exchanged for airtime/electricity.
    4. An IRP5 will be issued in the case of tax paying individuals or an IT3(a) in the case of participants who did not exceed the thresh hold. These documents will be issued in line with the dates and requirements as governed by the South African revenue Services.
    5. The issuing of the IRP5 or IT3 (a) will result in an automatic registration of the Agent with the South African Revenue Services.
    6. Should fees earned in one tax year be reversed in the next tax year the earnings of the Agent will not be amended on his current or future IRP5 or IT3(a).
    7. The claiming back of such fees as mentioned in 2.6 from the South African Revenue Services will be at the discretion of the Agent.


  3. Rules around earning fees:
    1. Fees will only accrue to Agents once a unique lead and/or which results in a successful quote and/or sale and/or first premium collection has taken place. (This will differ from one Partner to the other) Details available on the website www.Refer2Earn.co.za
    2. It is the duty of the Agent to understand when and how much fees will be paid to him. Such details will be available on the website www.Refer2Earn.co.za
    3. Fees will be valid for for 3 years or 1095 calendar days from the date earned. Any fees not used within the validity period shall automatically expire at the end of the validity period.


  4. The Lead

          The Agent understands that he may not give advice on the products but will purely refer the products as presented by the relevant Insurer.

    1. The Agent confirms that the Lead information being submitted:
      • Is with the consent of the person whose details are being entered.
      • Is that of a South African citizen
      • Does not already have any existing policies with the Affiliate Partner.
      • Is 18 years or older.
    2. An Agent is not permitted to refer any existing Refer2Earn Agent as a lead.
    3. The Agent will be able to follow the status of his leads once submitted. This is available on the mobile application under “My lead's status” The following symbols denote the status of the lead. (In business hours/days)




    Waiting period


    Sent to Insurer

    Within 24 hours


    Not yet delivered to Insurer

    Within 24 hours


    Lead successfully converted into quote

    24 to 48 hours


    Unsuccessful sale of lead submitted

    Any time after lead referral

    Sold (life and funeral)

    Fees paid to your account

    Up to 90 days after successful quote if first premium successfully collected and confirmed

    Sold (value added products)

    Fee paid to your account

    On issue of a policy number


    The Insurer has attempted to contact the lead but has been unsuccessful for 7 days

    Will continue to attempt contact with the lead


  5. Cashing / Redemption of fees accumulated:
    1. Fees can be Redeemed or cashed out under the "My account & money transfer" on the Refer2Earn application.
    2. Fees earned can be converted into cash (a maximum of 70%) of available funds. The conditions of withdrawing cash are as follows: 2 cash withdrawals can be made per calendar month from Refer2Earn. This is limited to a minimum of R50 and a maximum of R1000 per event. Cash can be collected at any FNB Automated Teller machine.(ATM)
    3. Currently R0 fees are payable by the Agent on withdrawals of cash on the first ATM withdrawal only, thereafter which normal bank fees will apply. These rates and FNB terms and conditions can be viewed at: https://www.fnb.co.za/downloads/SendMoney/eWallet_Terms_of_use.pdf
    4. The Agent may also transfer funds to a nominated bank account at no charge. This transfer is limited to six transfers per calendar month, limited to a minimum of R50 and maximum of R1000 per day
    5. The onus is on the Agent to ensure that any bank account information supplied by him is correct and verified as once this withdrawal/ transfer has been actioned this transactions cannot be reversed or amended.
    6. Fees earned can be used to purchase airtime. The onus is on the Agent to ensure that when airtime is redeemed that the choice of Cellular voucher is correct as once redeemed these transactions cannot be reversed, transferred or amended. The purchase of airtime is limited to R300 per day.
    7. Fees earned can be used to purchase electricity. The onus is on the Agent to ensure that when he redeems electricity that the details of the metre and municipality is correct as once redeemed these transactions cannot be reversed, transferred or amended. The purchase of electricity is limited to a minimum of R20 and a maximum of R500 per day. Should the Agent’s municipal account be in arrears the purchase may not be successful. If unsuccessful the amount will be reversed in full.
    8. The transfer or cash out of funds can take up to two business days to be completed.


  6. Affiliate Partners and third parties:

    The following are a list of Affiliate Partners or Third parties whose services or products are used or promoted:

    These links are here for your convenience, by making use of the hyperlinks available. Brite is not endorsing service terms, third party websites, their content, their products,services or owners. It is your responsibility to obtain all information relevant to making a decision.

      1. 1Life – (Insurance products) https://www.1life.co.za
      2. Allife(Insurance products) https://www.alllife.co.za
      3. Ice-Cloud VPL (Airtime and electricity purchases) https://www.ice-cloud.com
      4. FNB ( Cash collection) https://www.fnb.co.za
      5. Budget (Insurance products) https://www.budgetinsurance.co.za